Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dr's apt

I put up some pictures of our new house in NWA

Well I went to the Dr on 10/15/09, it was probably the most nervous that I have ever been in my entire life. I was in the waiting room shaking, so scared that I was going to go into the ultrasound room and see that the baby wasn't in the right place, and have to go through what I went through last October all again. I was like in tears when I was walking into the room. The tech proceeded to do the ultrasound and wasn't saying anything. My heart was jumping out of my chest as I said, Um can you see anything??? And she goes yes everything looks great. I lost it!!! I started bawling. I felt like a big baby, but it was like a million bricks were lifted off of my chest. She told me that in two weeks we should be able to see the heartbeat! So our next appointment is on October 29. I will keep everyone posted!! I just feel so happy words cannot describe how happy I am. I will continue to need everyones prayers because I have read that we are not really out of the clear until the 12th week. So please continue to pray for us! Thanks!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Our big Move

So it all began Thursday. Justin took off work and we had movers at our old house helping us load up everything into the Uhaul. We got a 26 foot Uhaul, the biggest one they have. We had two car loads full and still had to leave a sofa chair back in Little Rock for our next trip home. Anyways we made it to Centerton mid afternoon on Friday and had two of the nicest men helping us unload everything. All I had to do was say "put that here, and that there." It was nice!!! I must say that the reason everything is already unboxed and put up so fast is because I had some really great help from Brenda and Maddison. We worked our butts off, thats for sure!! The result is our house is all put together, living room, master, dinning room, etc. I will have pictures to follow soon! After all the hard work we put in on Friday we decided to head up to Eurika Springs on Saturday to see a little "culture" as Kent calls it! We walked the streets and went in a couple of really neat shops. I just loved it there, we will have to get back and stay a little longer. Justin and I went to see a tarrot card reader and she hit everything on the head! She was so accurate. I wont get into detail about everything she told us but one thing she did say was that we were going to have a baby within the next 9 months!! At this time I was feeling pregnancy symptoms a little bit, not much. I had the normal "tiredness, moodiness, and three days late" so I just smiled when she said "Your going to have a baby" and thought in my mind, yea right! Weve tried so long, I doubt it! But the next morning I woke up to Justin saying "Come on, lets go to the store and get a test!!" I jumped out of bed and said ok ok! I was excited because I knew that I am never never never late!! We came home and took two tests and they both came back positive! So now we are expecting baby Reeves to join our family some time in June. (June 11, is my due date)
We are just so happy and we have been praying nonstop that this time is better than the last!
I go to the Dr on Oct 15 for an ultrasound and Ill post the results after that!
As for Justin, this new project he has been put on is going good so far! I drove to his job site and saw where they are about to break ground! Its going to be a 25million dollar job, so he is pretty nervous! He will do just fine thow, I know he is ready for this! He is an extremly hard worker.
Anyway I will be sure to post more later!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Gearing up for the move!

I am very excited to start blogging! I love journals and this is such a great way to keep everyone posted on how things are going during our move to Centerton (20min away from Fayetteville).

We really only have 3 days to finish packing the house bc tomorrow night we go out to dinner with the "James" side of the family, to say our goodbyes. So that only leaves Monday-Wednesday-Thursday and we have to be packed and at the new house early on Friday for the movers to unload all the stuff! So we are very stressed at the moment!

So thats it for now! Ill keep everyone updated!